House Design Service

CADLAN has been providing architectural documentation including building design for residential projects since 2005. We operate out of North Western Sydney and have completed projects in locations across NSW and have subsequently become familiar with many different council regulations. We work with the client to generate a design concept for quality home design within the specifications of the state and local regulations and once the DA becomes approved, construction plans are provided for CC approval and construction. Alternatively, we can supply the applicable house design plans to a certifier for complying development certificate. Either of these processes will result in approval to commence construction on your project.

CADLAN utilize the surrounding features and contours of the land to provide an environmentally efficient architectural design that accommodates correct orientation to maximise the warmth of the sun in winter and cool shading in summer. Combination of good insulation and correct window location is also a critical factor to maximise air flow and reduce artificial heating and cooling requirements.

We have contacts with other professionals like certifiers, surveyors, structural engineers, hydraulic engineers and building energy efficient technicians and can coordinate their services to ensure their respective requirements are provided.

CADLAN uses computer aided design (CAD) software to create architectural drawings for CDC or DA/CC approval.